February 25th 2020 Ft. Andrew Coyne, Sharilyn Johnson, Aunt Maureen and your high school drug dealer.


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This show’s topics include:

  1. The Teck mine aftermath and how it affects PM Trudeau and Premier Kenny

  2. New Brunswick Deputy Premier resigns

  3. Is it OK for you to recline when on an airplane?

  4. Andrew Coyne’s Travel Tips

  5. The Conservative leadership race

  6. The aftermath of President Trumps impeachment trial

And we play, Real or Fake?

Featuring journalists, Andrew Coyne (The Globe & Mail, CBC’s At Issue) and Sharilyn Johnson (Vanity Fair, Vice, The Toronto Star). Improvisers, Kayla Lorette (as your insufferable aunt Maureen) and Kerry Griffin (as your high school drug dealer, Noel Hendrix). Hosted by David Shore

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