S1 Ep 12: We Hope You're Not Sick of us Yet! with Liza and Bran


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Huge, huge, huge thank you to Caitlin Preyser and Ross Davidson for so generously donating their time and talents to the pod! You're both incredibly busy humans and we are so darn grateful that you guys were happy to lend a hand to our corner of the podcast world. For those who want to get in contact for any music or editing inquiries for Ross or for any design consults with Caitlin, we have left their details down below. We cannot recommend them enough!

We want to give our biggest thank you to our listeners (you guys!) for being so patient and generous with you love for the pod. Both of us had to sacrifice a lot of time with our family and friends for this passion project and we're so glad that it created conversation - which is what we aimed to do!

Season 2 is still in the works - as Liza has pursued her career in the UK, we're still trying to work out the kinks of online recording and content creation when we're in different time zones. Please stay tuned for what's to come!


Find out about Liza's new job!

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