S1 Ep 5: A Conversation with a Real Life Supermum, Tess Handrinos


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In today’s episode, we’re chatting to our good friend Tess Handrinos. While the rest of the cohort was struggling to meet assignment deadlines, Tess and her hubby Alex had another due date in mind, welcoming their beautiful daughter Emilia in late 2016. After a short but well deserved break from her studies, Tess went on to complete her Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, managing to ace both her degree and motherhood.

Now working as a non-diet dietitian and with baby number two on the way (VERY soon!), Tess is THE queen of work/life balance. She has spent the last year building her business, Joy Full Nutrition, whilst practising both clinically and in private practice. Tess continues to be one of the most thoughtful and caring people we know; is an amazing mother and friend and, quite honestly, an inspiration to both of us.

In this episode, we find out how Tess manages to keep it all together - expertly balancing work, motherhood and life, all while maintaining her own personal values. Enjoy!

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