S1 Ep 9: Dillicious Conversation with Liza Barbour


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We had the pleasure of talking to one of Bran’s former lecturers, Liza Barbour. Liza lectured Bran in the area of public health nutrition and food systems.

Liza (Barbour) completed her Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, holds two Graduate Certificates (Diabetes Education, and International Health), a sports dietetics qualification, Masters in Public Health, and co-convenes Australia’s “Right to Food” Coalition...phew! As if she wasn’t busy enough, she has just begun her PhD in “Protecting our planet and our population: the local government policy response to support an environmentally sustainable diet”, launched the small business Dillicious at the end of 2018, AND has 2 kids under the age of 5. Another supermum!

She is incredibly passionate about food systems, public health, and sustainability In this episode, we talk to her about career progression, pivotal turning points in her career, her passion for sustainability and fair food rights, and how to launch a business...whilst starting a PhD!


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