140. What’s The Best Way to Enjoy Grapes? A Cork Dork Spills All Her Notes! with Bianca Bosker


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Hey! I’m in Italy right now guzzling allll the wine and pretending to like the tannen's and terroirs and hints of tobacco in it so I figured now’s as bene as time as ever to re-air this grape chat all about wine! So today’s guest used to just be a regular person. Or a civilian, as she calls it. Not too long ago Bianca Bosker was just a run of the mill boxed wine drinker, not giving any thought or sniffs to wine that she’d sip, until one day she discovered something that forever changed the way she viewed fermented grapes: she stumbled upon the secret world of sommeliers and became, well, obsessed. I’m not going to spoil the rest of the story - I’ll let Bianca tell you her tale but if you’ve been curious about how to feel more comfortable ordering or buying wine, which wines pair perfectly for plant-y dishes and whether wine really has any redeeming health qualities, I think Bianca, the New York Times bestselling author of CORK DORK is the perfect person to satiate your thirst for vino knowledge.

Get buzzed to hear:

- The two senses we've forgotten about and how to develop them!

- The poetry (and bullshit) of tasting notes.

- A peek into the secret world of sommeliers (it includes dance classes, obvs).

- The difference between natural, organic, and biodynamic wine.

- Does wine have any redeeming health qualities?

- Why you shouldn’t feel bad buying wine based on a cute label!

- Bianca’s go-to wines for plant-y dishes.

- How to send a wine back the PC way.

- And lots more!

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