PMS 2.0 203 - Andrew Brandt, Brandon McManus, Trai Turner, & Legend, AJ Hawk Stop By For A Chit Chat About Everythang. Let's Have A Thursday.


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On today’s show, Pat is joined by former Packers VP of Finance, Executive VP at Vayner Sports, and host of the Business of Sports Podcast, Andrew Brandt. Pat and Andrew discuss how a potential salary cap reduction of 30-$80 million dollars would change the NFL, what the situations are like for the MLB and NBA to come back, and Andrew also breaks down the debt ceiling being raised as well what he thinks will need to be done between the NFL and NFLPA to get everyone on the same page (1:22-18:18). Next is another installment of McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk where Pat and AJ discuss everything going on in the sports well and chat some more about The Last Dance and how unusual it is for players’ personal trainers and staff to travel with the team, a future plan is cooked up to hold PMI yacht week in Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl, Gilbert Arenas winning $300,000 in the lottery, and Pat’s new weight lifting regimen (20:04-1:52:34). Also joining the show is 5x Pro Bowler and new member of the LA Chargers by way of the Carolina Panthers, Trai Turner. Pat and Trai chat about what he’s been doing during quarantine to get ready for the season with a new team, if he had any contact with Matt Rhule or any members of the Panthers coaching staff before he was traded, why he’s excited to be playing in LA, if he needs to force weight on himself to stay in playing shape, and how difficult it is to learn a new offense as an offensive lineman (1:52:36-2:00:59). Lastly, Super Bowl Champion and current kicker for the Denver Broncos, Brandon McManus joins the program. Pat and Brandon chat about the many changes he’s seen at coordinator, long snapper, and holder while being a member of the Broncos, Brandon helping Pat move into his second home when they were teammates together in Indianapolis, why Pat believes he will break the longest field goal record, what he’s been doing to stay in shape for the season, a couple of television show ideas he has, and what his relationship with Special Teams Coach Tom McMahon is like (2:01:01-2:11:35). Don’t forget to send in the hashtag #ThisIsWhereImAtPat with a picture of where you’re listening to the show for a chance to win some free merch. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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