PMS 2.0 214 - 4 Super Bowl Rings.. Mark Schlereth And Legend, AJ Hawk Stop By For An Incredible Tuesday


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On today’s show, Pat is joined by 3x Super Bowl Champion, 2x Pro Bowler, member of the Denver Broncos 50th Anniversary Team, and good friend of the program, Mark “Stink” Schlereth joins the show. Pat and Mark discuss his thoughts on the Broncos upcoming season and he tempers expectations as the Broncos have a nucleus of young players still finding their footing in the NFL. They also chat about why the Chiefs are so damn good, and Pat commends Mark on his work bringing awareness to social injustice as Mark shares a similar feeling to Pat about trying to get that locker room atmosphere to bleed into society (:41-17:59). Next is another edition of McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk where Pat and AJ discuss the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa 30-for-30 “Long Gone Summer,” and how prominent steroid use was at the time, and how it would have been difficult to turn down juice when the MLB was looking the other way. They also chat about the fact that the MLB is probably dead, whether or not they think the NBA is going to come back, and the leaked news that Zeke Elliott is one of the Cowboys who has tested positive for Covid19. They also chat about the PGA Tour event from over the weekend, everything else going on in the sports world, and share a couple of stories (20:06-2:05:47). Don’t forget to send in a picture of where you’re listening to the show with the hashtag #ThisIsWhereImAtPat for the chance to win some free merch. As always, we appreciate you guys rocking with us. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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