PMS 2.0 216 - Maybe The Best Show We've Ever Done. The Undertaker, Bill Polian, James Connor, & Legend, AJ Hawk Stop By. Let's Go.


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On today's show Pat is joined by Hall of Famer, Super Bowl Champion, 6x Executive of the Year, former GM of the Bills, Panthers, and Colts, the man who drafted Pat, Bill Polian. Pat and Bill chat about what the most important ingredient in building a winning culture is and how things can start to go sideways if teams don't have that, Bill walks Pat through the moments leading up to finding out Peyton Manning would need season ending spinal fusion surgery, the perception that the Colts were "sucking for Luck," despite the fact that Bill was fired after the season, and where he thinks Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton could potentially end up (:41-28:58). Next, on another installment of McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk, Pat and AJ are joined by 7x World Champion, the longest tenured wrestler in the history of the WWE, holder of one of the most impressive streaks in the history of sports with 21 consecutive wins at Wrestlemania, one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live, The Undertaker. Pat, AJ, and Taker discuss what it's been like finally peeling back the curtain after all these years of avoiding media to support the character, how the wrestling business has changed before his eyes, his presence in the locker room, his relationship with Vince McMahon, and he tells a few legendary drinking stories from his earlier days in a can't miss interview (31:51-1:11:25). Pat and AJ also discuss AJ's apparent hatred for Aussie Rules Football, and they judge the breakdown of best conferences by QB in the NFL, and everything else happening in the sports world (31:12-1:41:46). Lastly, Pro Bowler, current starting Running Back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now author, James Conner joins the program. Pat and James discuss his new book, "Fear Is A Choice," which chronicles his battle with cancer and ultimately defeating it, and staying and playing for his hometown team in the Steelers. James also details his workouts this offseason that has him looking like the Hulk, and gives Steelers fans some hope as he gives an outlook on Big Ben's progress through his Tommy John injury (1:44:57-1:58:55). As always, don't forget to send in the hashtag #ThisIsWhereImAtPat with a picture of where you're listening to the show for the chance to win some free merch. Have an incredible weekend, we appreciate you guys. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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