PMS 2.0 219 - How Do The Patriots Always Do This? Lot Of Football Talk With Lombardi, Curran, Brandt, & Legend, AJ Hawk. Let's Go.


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Today’s show is loaded with reaction and conversation dealing with the Patriots somehow doing it again and signing Cam Newton to a 1 year deal. First, former General Manager/VP, 3x Super Bowl Champion, best selling author, host of the GM Shuffle Podcast and friend of the show, Michael Lombardi joins the program. Pat and Michael chat about how Cam Newton eventually ended up a Patriot and why it shouldn’t be very surprising, how he thinks the Patriots will use Cam in the offense, what he thinks Cam and Bill Belichick’s relationship will be like, and what this means for the Patriots moving forward (:34-19:42). Next is another installment of McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk where Pat and AJ discuss the Cam Newton signing and why neither one of them are surprised, they discuss their respective relationships with the media while they were still playing, they break down everything else going on in the sports world, and Pat recaps his bachelor party weekend in Michigan (21:48-2:04:58). Next, former VP of Finance for the Green Bay Packers, Executive VP at Vayner Sports, host of the Business of Sports Podcast, and friend of the program, Andrew Brandt joins the show. Pat and Andrew discuss what Cam Newton’s contract might be looking like, and where all the incentives go if he does or does not reach them. They also chat about why it took so long for Cam to get signed, and the NFLPA and the players currently being at odds with whether or not they should be training together, and how that hurts the NFLPA from a leverage stand point (2:06:03-2:21:14). Lastly, Tom Curran from NBC Sports Boston joins the show to give Pat and the guys an idea of the pulse of Boston, whether or not he thinks Jarrett Stidham has any chance to be the starter, how successful he thinks the Pats will be with this transaction, and why people in Boston will still be cynical about this (2:21:16-2:35:45). Don’t forget to send in a picture of where you’re listening to the show with the hashtag #ThisIsWhereImAtPat to potentially win some free merch, and be on the lookout for another possible giveaway. We appreciate you letting us penetrate your ears. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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