PP #198: Endometriosis 101 with Cindy Dabrowska


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Cindy Dabrowska is a registered dietitian, Master of Applied Nutrition, endowarrior, and founder of "The Supportive Endo RD". She is passionate about supporting endowarriors - who much like herself, have said “enough is enough'' to debilitating, life-altering symptoms of endometriosis. Cindy has not only dramatically improved her own symptoms, but she’s supported countless women in her nutrition counseling practice through a functional medicine root-cause approach to endometriosis. In this episode, we talk about taking a whole-body approach to endometriosis, how Cindy has transformed her period and endometriosis symptoms over the years, common symptoms of endometriosis, how your gut health plays a critical role in managing endometriosis, using food and nutrition to support your body with endometriosis, and so much more!

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