Behaviour and Aggression with Nick Benger


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Rowan Sanderson sits down with Nick Benger, an expert dog trainer known for his appearance on Amazon's TV series "The Pack". He is also the host of the Dog Talk with Nick Benger Podcast. Nick discusses best practices for encouraging healthy behaviors from your dog and keeping aggression at bay.

“We need to put more emphasis on engagement with the dog,” says Nick. He believes that the best way to impart good behavior is by adhering to first principles: By being deliberate with the routine, training, and even the types of food you feed, owners effectively nip “bad” behavior in the bud.

Nick shares tips on how to use classical conditioning to reinforce good behaviors and differential reinforcement to curb aggression. He also explains why lack of socialization or, in many cases, socialization gone wrong are the number one cause of deep-seated aggression in dogs.

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