079 - Bethany Geiser - Deconstructing from Within the Mennonite Bubble


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In this episode I talk with Bethany Geiser who is deconstructing from within a very tight knit Mennonite community. We explore Bethany's journey and talk about the different dynamics of going through deconstruction in a community that is most certainly not! Bethany doesn't have a public Instagram but you can follow her project where she is building a Barndominium here - https://www.instagram.com/geiser_barndominium If you want to watch these podcasts you can do so on YouTube at www.youtube.com/phildrysdale If you'd like to connect with others deconstructing in your area check out www.thedeconstructionnetwork.com If you'd like to support what I'm doing by putting out all my content for free head over to www.phildrysdale.com/partner

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