Kelley Earnhardt Miller: Co-owner and General Manager of JR Motorsports | #ThePlaybook 243


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On this episode of #ThePlaybook, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, Co-owner and General Manager of JR Motorsports and author of the new book Drive: 9 Lessons to Win in Business and in Life, shares her insight on:

  • [3:06] - How she’s learned to balance her emotions, despite some challenges facing her racing team during the pandemic
  • [5:45] - Why it is essential to find the right balance between care of yourself and lending your help to others
  • [14:09] - The most important lessons she’s learned (and taught) about work/life balance while spending time at home with her children
  • [15:58] - How her father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., taught her the right way to manage and maintain both business and personal relationships in a family business

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