Ep11 - Sam Collins: Racism and inequality in F1 and motorsport


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In a special episode, Chris Medland is joined by Sam Collins to talk about racism, inequality and his experience of being one of the few black people in the Formula 1 media centre. Sam is an engineer by education, spent time as a driver himself and worked in a variety of motorsport categories, and speaks openly and honestly about both the positives and negatives he has faced due to race at different stages of his career.

Now a motorsport journalist and politician, Sam discusses his fascinating career path, Lewis Hamilton's comments, times he even feels he has been advantaged by being in a minority group, and why the 'Black Lives Matter' movement can provide the impetus for positive changes in F1.

(I'll admit this is not how I wish I was doing a podcast with Sam, because there are so many great stories we can go into, but there will be more time for that in the near future).

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