Ken Block Interview (Sister Hazel) + Jennifer Aniston + iOS 14 Secret Features + Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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Ken Block (Sister Hazel lead singer) is our guest + Win cash on "Pop Quiz" + Win a free stay at Four Seasons Punta Mita + iOS 14 secret features + Cubby's bath time interferes with our show + Cubby adopts from Kuwait + Ruth Bader Ginsburg + Saints & Sinners + Carole Baskin + Dancing with the Stars + Doogie Houser casting scoop + Eddie Murphy + Jim Carrey + SNL + Dr. Dre + Paul Rudd + The Social Dilemma + Lorraine Bracco + Martha Stewart peddles CBD + Survivor news + Taylor Swift + Madonna doc + Jennifer Aniston + Brad Pitt + Fast Times at Ridgemont High + much more.

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