Becoming an Indispensable Google Analytics Rock Star with e-Nor


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Feras Alhlou and Eric Fettman are the brain trust behind the company E-Nor, and one of my favorite Google Analytics blogs. They focus on providing the knowledge to train savvy audiences, educating lay audiences and the effective use of data within large enterprises.

Together they are releasing a brand new book on winning the Google Analytics game called Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact. It is massively thorough and an actionable guide to maximizing the value from the world’s most ubiquitous analytics platform and debuts on September 19th on Amazon.

And in this episode, Feras and Eric hash it out with me on how to improve clients ROI by implementing and launching successful analytics strategies.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How to empower the practitioner to prepare for their role as communicator by depending less on verbiage and moving towards more succinct visuals
  • Why it’s critical to understand what is important to your stakeholders and their business before presenting data
  • Why telling a story with your data can be a powerful tool that can provide context to your audience and make data more understandable
  • How to establish quick wins and persuade your stakeholders by using the power of improvement and the basic principles of conversion optimization

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