Delivering Effective Product Demonstrations with Oscar Santolalla


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This episode’s guest is on a mission to turn your boring product demonstration into a unique benefits-driven selling experience for technology vendors.

Oscar Santolalla of the Time to Shine Podcast is an engineer turned public speaking trainer who happens to excel at teaching service providers how to deliver killer product demos.

This is a supremely important service for the digital analytics and marketing industry, considering that technology services is the lifeblood of our practice.

And in this episode, Oscar brings his unique framework for planning, creation and preparation for a product demo that will turn prospects into raving fans.

Oscar is launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund a brand new book on this topic, called “Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo”. Please support this great project, which closes on June 10th!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The most effective structure of a killer product demonstration
  • The right kind of pre-work before you begin to create your demo
  • The importance of analyzing your audience’s needs and desires
  • How many times you need to rehearse your demo (it’s more than you think!)
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls during product demos
  • How to help fund his new book, “Create and Deliver Killer Product Demos” on Indiegogo by June 10th!

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