3 Critical Questions Analysts Aren’t Asking their Stakeholders with Aaron Maass


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Aaron has nearly 20 years of online marketing industry experience, has led web analytics initiatives in senior internet marketing management roles at many big companies, and was elected to the DAA's Board of Directors.

In the nineties, he co-founded a website traffic tracking and reporting software service called Sitegauge, which he sold to Kohlberg Kravis and Roberts in 2000. His experience has helped him develop a mind for the stakeholder and a keen focus on the importance of viewing data from every possible perspective.

In this episode, Aaron breaks down the most essential questions data analysts must ask to ensure their data presentations meet their stakeholders' needs. He explains the importance of collaborative experiences with a diverse array of people and shares the "3 what's" his mentor taught him for thorough data interpretation.

In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How Aaron fell into the data world on accident, like many of us, and his early business endeavors.
  • His views on the massive amount of data available and the real struggles companies are facing.
  • How he sees data viz as an important part of the discovery process.
  • His belief that the best insights come from a collaborative process and how his company ensures working together.
  • The 3 What's that he learned from his mentor and how he uses those questions to thoroughly comb through data.
  • How he keeps stakeholder mindset in the forefront of everything he does.

Aaron's Upgrade:

  • Power Tip: "Try to look at the data through the lens of the consumer of that data and consider how they will interpret it. And, title your slides with the conclusion you want people to come to."

How to Keep Up with Aaron:

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