Make Your Presentation Ideas, Insights, and Products Irresistible with Dustin Mathews


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Dustin Mathews is a mentor and coach to the world’s leading speakers, coaches, business owners and thought leaders such as Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington, NY Times Best Selling Author, Robert Allen, & Entrepreneur of the Year, Roxanne Emmerich.

Dustin also gives a sneak peek at his awesome book titled “The NO B.S. Guide To Powerful Presentations: How To Sell ANYTHING With Webinars & Online Media, Speeches & Seminars”.

And in this episode, Dustin gives super-actionable tips on how to make the products you sell, the ideas you create, and the insights you analyze completely irresistible to your audience to inspire massive action.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How someone who purposefully evaded public speaking classes went on to become a world-renowned presentation coach
  • Why his book is written for any presenter interested selling themselves (even if they’re not selling a product!)
  • How his Irresistible Offer Architecture is about never offering just one thing at a time
  • His concept of presentation choreography - the key steps to take before, during, and after a business presentation or webinar
  • Why assigning an advocate to introduce you as presenter is mission critical
  • Super critical steps to take to maximize the effectiveness of product webinars
  • Neat tricks to stand out to your stakeholders such as video presentation teasers

And in this episode, Dustin discusses with me what moves people during a really impactful talk.

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