Press On | Fifth Edition featuring Josh Dannin and Todd Irwin, the co-publishers of Power Washer Zine


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Today’s edition of Press On with The Print Cast was wrapped up on Thursday May 22nd, in the year 2020, over 8 weeks into my stay-at-home shut-down. For this fifth edition I’ve got a longer interview for you, so it will only be one today, featuring Josh Dannin of Directangle Press and Todd Irwin of Bitmap Press, the co-publishers of Power Washer Zine.
Today’s talk is a fresh one, to say the least, and full of print jargon and technical talks. We run the gamut from how long to flash dry a toasted cheese sandwich, to what kind of mesh count is recommended for getting good coverage when printing with cheese balls, We go deep about the struggle to find the best supportive printshop footwear.
Also included today is a special opener showcasing the sounds of Los Angeles where we scream and cheer as a neighborhood each night at 8pm. It's quite an audible delight really, and a lot of fun if you live here because we just scream our hearts out together!
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