Press On | First Edition featuring Joey Gross of Public Print Co, James Black of 111 Shirt Lab, and print professor Yoonmi Nam from University of Kansas


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Today on podcast, we’re doing a special edition called Press On, a series launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to talk directly to printmakers about how this situation impacts their lives, their businesses, and how they’ll keep busy through the shut down of daily life. Each iteration of this series will bring you stories from 3 artists and we’ll keep em coming as long as this situation persists.

Today’s edition was recorded Saturday March 21st of 2020. In Part 1 of today’s edition of Press On, we talk with Joey Gross from Public Print Co in Kansas City. Joey and Andrew were featured on Episode 4 of the Print Cast. We talk about the new line of postcards they've produced at Public and they're online now if you are looking for some affordable and tasteful things to mail to friends during the coming weeks. You can find those here.
Second on the show is James Black from 111ShirtLab in Albuquerque, NM. They do lots of public educational programs, and also custom posters, intaglio, litho, relief and t-shirts. With business down, we discuss ways they are keeping busy including making masks and other DIY ways of working.
Finally Yoonmi Nam, professor of printmaking at KU, comes on the show to catch us up on what's happening with the virus in Lawrence, KS. She talks about recent travels and how the effects of the pandemic have been slowly building in the past few weeks. You can look forward to an interview with Yoonmi real soon, but for now check out her art which is super cool here.
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