Press On | Fourth Edition featuring Robynn Smith of Print Day in May and Luther Davis of Powerhouse Arts


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Today on The Print Cast, it's the fourth edition of our series Press On, something we launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to talk directly to printmakers about how this situation impacts their lives, their businesses, and how they'll keep busy through the shutdown of daily life. Each iteration of the series will bring you stories directly from artists and we'll keep them coming as long as this situation persists.
Today's edition was wrapped up on May 1st, 2020. In Part 1, Robynn Smith from Print Day in May tells us of the upcoming print holiday on May 2nd. Join in with the celebration and share a print your making, and if you hashtag sponsors, you could win a rad prize. More info here.
Part 2 of today's episode features screen printer Luther Davis of Powerhouse Arts. I had Luther on to talk about a recent Jenny Holzer print he did while under quarantine with fellow artist Leslie Diuguid. Together they pulled the B.A.T. while wearing masks and gloves, so that the edition could be sold to raise money for Earth Day.
Also starting us off is my news service that I'm now dubbing Feed and Delivery: News for the Graphically Curious. You can look forward to this as a component of future podcasts, and maybe after COVID-19 it will become a stand alone podcast feed for mini episodes each week. For now, check out Press On while it runs on The Print Cast feed and you'll hear the latest each week.
More to come and let me know if you want to share anything via the Press On series.
Check out the Print Cast website here for more info.
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