Press On | Second Edition featuring Joseph Velasquez of Drive By Press and Sarah Kirk Hanley from Manhattan Graphics Center


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Today's episode of The Print Cast is the second edition of a limited series I’m calling Press On, Press On is a series that looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the printmaking community. Each of these bonus episodes brings you stories from printmaking artists and arts administrators speaking to how this situation impacts their lives, what’s happening with print shops and businesses, and how they are adapting to new challenges.
Today's first guest is Joseph Velasquez, co-founder of Drive By Press. We talk about teaching, making art about Star Trek, and what it's like developing printing technology from scratch using ready made materials.
Second on the show is Sarah Kirk Hanley, the executive director of the Manhattan Graphics Center in NYC. With the closing of most public spaces, it leaves community printshops without access to programs, equipment, and most importantly community. We discuss how she is working to keep everyone connected, and we also chat about funding and how to keep non profit spaces going during difficult times like this.
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