Press On | Third Edition featuring Matthew Dols of The Wise Fool Podcast and Landscape Printmaker Laura Boswell


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Today on The Print Cast, it's the third edition of our series Press On, something we launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to talk directly to printmakers about how this situation impacts their lives, their businesses, and how they'll keep busy through the shutdown of daily life. Each iteration of the series will bring you stories directly from artists and we'll keep them coming as long as this situation persists.
Today's edition was wrapped up on April 20, 2020. In Part 1, Matthew Dols from The Wise Fool Podcast comes on the show to tell us about what life is like in Prague during the shut down.
Part 2 of today's episode features printmaker Laura Boswell from the UK. Laura has been making daily instructional videos about her style of lino printing during the shutdown and it's been getting a lot of great response on Instagram and Youtube. She also does a weekly podcast called Ask an Artist where she and her co-host Peter Keegan talk to artists in their community. It was great to catch up with Laura and to learn about how she juggles art production and content creation. If you haven't seen her videos yet, check em out on Youtube here.
More to come and let me know if you want to share anything via the Press On series.
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