Printmakers Against Racism w/ Desiree Aspiras


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Printmakers Against Racism is a project that launches today, on the day of this recording July 25th, 2020. Desiree Aspiras is the founder of the project which aims to engage printmakers across the world to sell their printss and donate the proceeds to support the fight against systemic racial injustice. In lieu of the project launch, Desiree and I discuss the motivation behind the project, and how a similar movement called @bakersagainstracism provided her with a frame work to set up this global art sale. Learn how Instagram closed her account causing her to rename her handle with little explanation why it happened at all. Desiree is an artist, poet, and therapist, so she has a lot of thoughtful insight into how it's important to take care of ourselves to be able to show up for others.
If you still want to sign up, it's simple to get involved, just go to and sign up. It's up to participants to sell their works and once the funding is collected they can choose the local organization where they would like the proceeds to benefit.
The sale runs for one week, July 25th-July 31st, though the parameters are loose enough that you can still sign up even as the project is launching, and there isn't a hard deadline for when you have to sell your prints. It's really about giving artists a prompt to get making art for a good cause. Check out the project and participate in any way you can.
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