The IFPDA Sessions | Swoon and The Living History of Contemporary Printmaking


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Today on the podcast is another live program from the IFPDA print fair in the fall of 2019. This week we have Swoon, aka Caledonia Curry, on stage speaking about her installation that greeted fair attendees at the entrance to the Javits Center. Swoon goes into detail about her love of printmaking, and the various ways she uses the medium in her art. Interestingly the conversation centers around etching, though it's one technique that Swoon doesn't do often and when she does it's with master printmakers.
Speaking with Swoon are Nadine Orenstein, the Drue Heinz Curator in Charge, Department of Drawings & Prints, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jenny Gibbs, executive director of the IFPDA, and the talk is moderated by Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief of ARTnews. Talks like this always leave you wanting more, and it's a great perspective into the mind of an artist that I find super inspiring. This year was the first time they invited an artist to do a project in the space during the print fair, and I'm sure it won't be the last.
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