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On this episode of the program I’m joined by Zvi Band. Zvi is the cofounder and CEO of Contactually, a leading CRM platform for relationship-oriented businesses, and author of "Success is in Your Sphere." An engineer, developer, entrepreneur, and startup advisor, Zvi has been named a Washingtonian Tech Titan four times.
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Zvi and I talk about the acronym he uses as his CAPITAL strategy, why you need to aggregate all of your relationships (both personal and professional) in a database, and the need for purpose and process when forging and fostering relationships. Considering that my Monthly Theme for February is Relationships this was the perfect conversation to prime me for the month ahead. I trust you'll get a lot of value out of it as well.
Talking Points
  • Zvi shares his origin story (2:49)
  • We talk about the role of consistency when it comes to achieving success in your sphere - and the role of the calendar in that (5:05)
  • This is one of the things Zvi did to execute consistently to help himself over both the short and long term (6:36)
  • Where does someone begin aggregating their relationships? And why aggregate at all? (8:31)
  • Zvi breaks this aggregation down into manageable chunks (10:41)
  • This is why Zvi has many separate email accounts (12:02)
  • Zvi explains how to ensure you are going beyond organizing your relationships... and prioritizing them (17:05)
  • What nuances do you need to watch out for as you gain intelligence around your relationships? What does this intelligence-gathering look like? (18:57)
  • You need to keep this in mind as you forge and foster relationships (22:16)
  • How do you handle the person that connects with you with no real purpose? (25:00)
  • We talk about the importance of boundaries (27:01)
  • Why adding value is of the utmost importance in relationships and why you need to ask how you can do that on an ongoing basis (29:54)
  • How can you make all of this easier to do? (32:36)
  • This is how we can get in our own way during this process (35:48)
  • If you want to start doing what Zvi suggests today, here's the one small action you can do starting now (38:21)


"The important thing is that just because these are different people...doesn't mean that the people differ or change in importance. " - Zvi Band
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I had a great time listening to and learning from Zvi. He's someone who has a deep understanding of relationships and knows what it takes to organize, prioritize, and add value to them. From there, he can leverage them - and they can leverage him in return. That's a pretty productive way to keep connected.
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