CEO and Co-Founder of ForeFlight on building the worlds best aviation software--Tyson Weihs


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My guest today is Tyson Weihs, the Co-Founder and CEO of ForeFlight--by far the best aviation software ever produced.

Tyson and his company Foreflight has nearly singlehandedly dragged the entire aviation industry into the future. Before Foreflight aviation software was slow, cumbersome, and obsolete as soon as you bought it. It was similar to the dashboard GPS devices you stuck to your car window. Foreflight has done to aviation software what Google Maps did to the TomTom. It works seamlessly, it's updated all the time, and every few months there's a new feature you can use.

In our conversation, we talk about what it takes to build a great team, how to harness innovation, how he manages his time, and more. Below are the full show notes with associated time stamps:

  • Where the idea of ForeFlight came from (min. 03:30)
  • Obstacles Foreflight has had to overcome (min. 08:15)
  • His biggest win (min. 12:40)
  • Building a great team and culture (min. 19:15)
  • How to manage innovation (min. 29:15)
  • Making the software useful to everyone (min. 34:00)
  • Surprises as CEO (min. 36:30)
  • How he manages his time (min. 39:30)
  • Things that increase his performance (min. 41:30)
  • Where ForeFlight is going in the future (min. 42:30)
  • Whats next (min. 49:15)

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