Major General (Ret.) gives a Master-Class on Leadership, Talks Day 1 of Desert Storm, and Discusses Cyber Ops--Brett Williams


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My guest today is Major General (Ret.) Brett Williams. He is a command pilot with over 3,700 hours and 100 combat missions in the F-15C Eagle. He was also the Commander for the Air Force's largest combat wing. In his final active duty assignment, General Williams was the Director of Operations for U.S. Cyber Command where he was responsible for planning and executing both defensive and offensive cyberspace operations. He is a leading authority on cyber security and is now the COO of IronNet, a company that leverages AI and machine learning to protect nations and companies against advanced threats.

In our conversation, General Williams talks about leading an 8-ship of Eagles on day 1 of Desert Storm, his leadership philosophy, and the top things to protect yourself from a cyber attack. His discussion on leadership is one of the best I've heard.

  • Top lessons learned as a fighter pilot (min. 03:00)
  • Flying on Day 1 of Desert Storm (min. 11:00)
  • Leadership philosophy (min. 17:30)
  • Habits/ routines for performing at a high level (min. 34:00)
  • Moving to Cyber Command (min. 39:00)
  • Current landscape of cyber (min. 48:00)
  • Social media aspect of cyber (min. 34:00)
  • IronNet (55:00)
  • Projects working on (56:30)
  • Social media info (58:45)

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