Special End of the Year Q+A with Host Justin "HASARD" Lee


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Thanks for the support. It's been 1 year since I started the podcast. Today I'm answering your questions. Below are the top questions along with the timestamps.

  • What career would I have gone in if flying didn't work out (min 00:30)
  • How to do well in pilot training (02:30)
  • Failures in my life (09:30)
  • How to prep before college (11:00)
  • Bad habits in flight training (12:30)
  • Advice for check rides (min 14:00)
  • Why I started the podcast (15:30)
  • How to debrief (18:00)
  • F-35 vs F-16 aircraft (23:45) and (51:30)
  • How to become a pilot (27:45)
  • Getting selected for fighters (33:00)
  • Fighter pilot culture (37:30) and (49:45)
  • Enlisted (39:00)
  • Top Gun (40:30)
  • Medical DQ (41:45)
  • Tips for general aviation pilots (43:45)
  • My future career (48:00)
  • Favorite military experience (52:00)
  • Succeeding at USAFA (54:00)
  • Physical and mental training (55:30)

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