The Head of Bloomberg Beta with $150M Under Management on Team Chemistry and the Future of Work--Roy Bahat


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My guest today is Roy Bahat who is the head of Bloomberg Beta, an investment firm with over 150 million dollars under management. He invests in the future of work with a focus on machine intelligence and automation. Fast Company magazine named Roy one of the Most Creative People in Business.

Before heading up Bloomberg Beta, Roy served as the president of IGN Entertainment, the leading Video Games' media company. There he was known for unorthodox but very effective hiring strategy.

Roy is also on the faculty at U.C. Berkeley, where he teaches about media at the Haas School of Business. He's a graduate of Harvard and was also a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

I had a great time chatting with Roy today. He is the leading expert on the future of work. In our conversation we talk about how he choses a startup team, the principals he uses to run Bloomberg Beta, the future of media, and more. Below are all the show notes with associated timestamps:

  • Bloomberg Beta background (min. 02:45)
  • Finding companies with potential (min. 03:45)
  • Data vs. gut feeling (min. 06:30)
  • Successful startup team makeup (min. 12:00)
  • Lessons learned over the years at Bloomberg (min. 15:30)
  • Trends of the future (min. 22:30)
  • Future of work (min. 25:00)
  • Artificial Intelligence (min. 28:00)
  • Separating the signal from the noise (min. 33:45)
  • De-emphasizing the resume (min. 35:00)
  • Future of formal education (min. 39:00)
  • Advice for next generation (min. 41:30)
  • Projects working on now (min. 43:45)

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