Top Artist and World Economic Forum Cultural Leader on using Art to Boost Creativity in Other Fields--Drue Kataoka


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My guest today is Drue Kataoka who has built the top art studio in Silicon Valley, and did it entirely outside the gallery system. Her studio serves top art collectors in 4 continents and over 30 countries. Her art was used for the first zero gravity art exhibit in space at the International Space Station. She was also selected as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader & Cultural Leader.

In our conversation we talk about how art can be a catalyst for creativity in other professions, how creativity is like a muscle that you have to train, and the future of art in virtual and augmented reality. Below are the show notes and associated time stamps:

  • How art fosters creativity (minute 03:20)
  • Art vs. science (08:45)
  • Art vs. technology (15:00)
  • Building a business around art (21:45)
  • The commission model (25:30)
  • Her art (28:30)
  • First art exhibit in space (32:00)
  • Virtual reality art (40:00)
  • Grit in art (47:30)
  • Influence of Japan (55:30)
  • Her principles (1:01:30)

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