How I Shifted My Money Mindset to Travel the World and Buy My Dream Home


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Money is something I always used to struggle with. In this episode, I dive deeper into my own money mindset, specifically the two biggest money stories I have struggled with in the past, and how I was able to work through them to live a life that feels rich to me.
Quite frankly, without healing my money story I truly doubt that I would have had certain incredible experiences over the last few years, such as travelling the world and buying my dream home. Money mindset is something that has completely transformed my business and my life in more ways than I could ever express and so this episode is designed to give you a deeper insight into my own journey while also supporting YOU with the practical steps of the same process I took to heal these two big sabotaging money stories.
The episode is broken into two parts: the first half of the episode is my own journey, and the second half of the episode is all about supporting YOU with the step by step framework I have leaned on in my own life.
Please note: this episode does NOT poverty shame, profess that it's ALL about mindset (there are other systems at play!) or shame anyone who is currently struggling with money. It's been designed with care and consideration for you, no matter what stage of your money journey you're currently on. If you're ready to re-write your money story, grab your pen and paper, let's do this!

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