How to Become a Client Magnet and Shine Online with Ellie Swift


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Today's episode features a very special guest - my friend and mentor, Ellie Swift. Ellie Swift is a Mindset & Marketing Coach and International Speaker for high-performing women who are ready to build heart-driven, intentional and abundant online businesses.
Ellie spent a decade working in marketing in London, Sydney, and Perth, achieving her goal of Head of Marketing Strategy by the age of 28 before making the transition into her business. She has built over half a million dollar business in under three years and has supported her clients as they’ve created six-figure launches, doubled their income and completely transformed their businesses (and lives!) through both mindset and marketing.
In this episode, we chat about how to become a client magnet online, the role that visibility mindset plays in our business and how to enjoy more easeful launches. Ellie also shares what her message would be to a room filled with the most powerful world leaders.
This episode will give you the inside scoop on magnetic marketing and what it really means to shine online as you scale your business.

You can find Ellie on Instagram @elliehswift , listen to her podcast at Shine Online with Ellie Swift, and her online home hub for all things at
You can find Robyn on Instagram @robyn.gooding and

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