Behind the Scenes: My 2-Prong System to Win More Clients on Linkedin


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Have you used LinkedIn to attract more clients to you and your business?

It’s actually pretty easy — when you have the right plan. Aaand guess what? Today, that plan’s all yours!

Many small business owners still worry that the platform is too formal or corporate for their audiences.

The truth is — LinkedIn could very well be one of your most underrated marketing channels.

In 2020, LinkedIn was voted the most trusted social network, AND traffic from LinkedIn converts 3x as much as traffic from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In this week’s podcast episode, I’m taking you deep behind the scenes to know my dead-simple 2-step system — and how I get more business using LinkedIn.

Also, I let you in on the all-too-common method that NEVER works — so you can avoid ever doing it yourself. Seriously, it’s such a turn-off I can’t even tell you (I routinely have to remove connections because they do this!)

So if you’re ready to FINALLY make LinkedIn work for you, let’s dive into the strategy!

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