How to Create a Highly Engaged Facebook Group — & Grow Your Business (with Juju Hook)


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JuJu Hook is a values-centered consultant who really cares for her customers. Her love for her community comes through the minute you talk to her.

But she’s also very successful at selling to her audience.

(Hey, nobody said you can’t make a great living from helping people.)

What’s the secret to JuJu’s success?

In part, it’s the vibrant, super-engaged community she’s built inside her Facebook group.

On today’s podcast, JuJu shares all her best secrets—

So you can learn how to get more engagement in your own Group on Facebook, whether you’ve been running one for a while or you’re just thinking about getting started.

And if you’ve been thinking about how to use a Facebook group to get closer to the right people for your business…

You’re definitely not going to want to miss today’s episode.

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