How to Maximize Google My Business to Grow This Year


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If you wanna rank your business in Google searches, they actually give you a pretty powerful tool you can use to get there. It’s called Google My Business.

But like all things marketing, it’s all in the optimization if you wanna see real results.

I’m sure you have some questions — and I’ll be answering all of ‘em in this episode! 😎

Seriously, my Google My Business videos are some of my most popular on Youtube, which brings a crazy amount of questions from my audience. And a lot of them are asking the same things…

So I decided to answer all the most important (and popular) questions I get about Google My Business.

These answers will mean the difference between ranking #1 or somewhere on page 7, so this will be worth every second of your time!

The Ultimate Google Ranking Kickstart Kit for Service Businesses


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