How to Rank Your Business #1 (A Live Coaching Call)


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I’m not sure what kind of business you run, but if it caters to a local audience, this episode is gonna be a biggie for you.

In this episode of The Profitable Website podcast, you can listen in as I offer coaching to David Krohse, a chiropractor who’s looking to make some serious gains this year in his local area.

He wants to rank #1 in local search to be exact. And the cool part? It’s totally doable! 😎

So what’s it gonna take? During this coaching-style episode, we discuss small tweaks and a few bigger marketing shifts he can make to reach his goal — hint — these are things YOU can do too!

We talk about it all, including:

Is content marketing good for local businesses?

The 2-tiered Facebook ad strategy that’s perfect for local

Why knowing your numbers is the secret sauce to profitable advertising

Way, way more!

So listen in on the conversation and “borrow” all the good ideas for your own business…

I think you’re gonna love this one!! 😍

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