How to Rank Your Website in Local Search in 2021 (with Darren Shaw)


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You may or may not know a dirty little secret about local search Google…

It really, really likes showing people businesses that are close to them.

Doesn’t matter if you’re the king of the hill in your neighborhood—

Two towns over, there’s a good chance that when people search locally for what you do, they won’t see YOU.

Not exactly great news, but hey… Those are the breaks.

However, my guest on today’s podcast has dedicated his career to helping businesses like yours make the most of Google local search.

Darren Shaw really is “the man” when it comes to Google. He’s known all over the Web for the work he does, studying how websites rank and talking to thousands of business owners.

And on today’s podcast I’ve got him all to myself, so I can ask all the questions you need to know to win at the local search game.

Which is awesome, because Darren runs White Spark, the agency behind the Local Search Ranking Factors study that comes out every year.

I’ve talked about this ranking factors list a LOT in the past—and now I get to interview the expert himself.

In other words, if you have even a passing interest in local SEO…

You NEED to listen to today’s episode.

Check out his website

YouTube Channel: Whitespark

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