Reels & Tiktok for Business — No Dancing Required! (with Elise Darma)


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There’s no bigger opportunity for businesses like yours to get attention right now than by using short videos. Really short. Like 30 seconds short!

I’m talking Tiktok, Instagram Reels and even the newest player to the game, Youtube Shorts.

And here’s the kicker: no matter what you think these platforms are all about, there’s absolutely zero dancing required!

In this week’s podcast episode, I sat down with Instagram and Tiktok expert Elise Darma to talk about how real businesses can jump on this short video trend and take full advantage of all it has to offer.

We get into it ALL, including:

Why it’s likely not really a TREND at all (This one’s gonna be around for a while, folks!)

What kinds of videos work best for small businesses.

Just how easy is it to make an attention-grabbing video.

Easy repurposing tricks so you can use the same video in 3 different places (3x the eyeballs!)

The recommended posting schedule (that Instagram itself accidentally leaked out) to maximize your exposure and growth.

This one’s definitely gonna give you some good ideas, and inspiration, so give it a listen.

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