Small Business SEO — Back to the Basics (with Dana Nicole)


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It’s every business owner’s dream: #1 in the search engines for a really popular keyword.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, the truth is that hitting #1 for a super-in-demand keyword is a lot like winning the lottery.

Sure… SOMEBODY will end up at the top—because somebody HAS to be there. (But it’s probably not you… YET.)

However, #1 or not, you can still build an INCREDIBLE business with a more achievable SEO strategy.

By focusing on the basics and sticking to what’s easy to do—but that still gets results—you can accomplish great things.

That’s where my guest on today’s podcast, Dana Nicole, comes in.

Dana is an SEO content writer. And yes, she knows all the crazy tips and tricks.

But in this episode, she talks at length about going back to the SEO basics.

Because let’s face it—there are lots of SEO “ninja” strategies out there that you can try to put in place for your business.

They’re going to cost you a lot, though—either in hours as you try to do them yourself, or in money when you pay an agency to execute on them.

Dana shows us what really, RELIABLY works over time… And she makes the point for getting started as early as you can.

After all, as she says, it can often take months for your SEO labors to start bearing fruit—

So you want to make sure you’re doing things right.

Better listen to today’s episode before you waste another day. 😉

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