What Do I Do With All This Content? (A Live Coaching Call)


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As you might imagine, people ask me a lot of questions about how to build their business.

And no matter where they are on their journey—

Just starting out or running things like a boss—

More and more I end up telling them the same thing.

Creating content really is where it’s at.

But when a former podcast guest of mine came back and asked for my advice on what he should be doing with his own content…

I decided I wouldn’t just TELL him.

I’d have him back on the podcast so you could hear me coach him, too!

On today’s episode I host Josh Hall, the owner of a training site for web designers. Now, Josh already creates a lot of free content that helps him sell his courses…

But as you’ll hear, it turns out he could have been getting so much more value out of what he was creating—without doing much extra work at all!

Listen in and you’ll hear for yourself: even if you don’t have a content-heavy business, just a few simple content strategies can bring you incredible rewards.

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