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Welcome to Property Unleashed podcast hosted by Mark Fitzgerald

This is a show about property, entrepreneurship and personal development.

On this podcast you will discover what has worked for me and others Entrepreneurs in building a life that fills you with excitement and can get you away from the old 9 to 5 routine.

We will have some super guests coming on and talking about how they have changed their lives for the better with strategies and tips to help anyone get ahead in life.

I have changed my life and built 2 business in property, this has enabled me to break away and live a more inspired life and you can too.

Join me and let's see if we can help you achieve this too.

The podcast will be launch in March 2021 and i really hope you can join me on this journey.

Please connect with me on these platforms for more information and join the property unleashed group to ask any questions and stay connected.

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