Dr. Susan Weinschenk - How to Get People to Do Stuff


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Why I wanted to learn from Dr. Susan Weinschenk One thing that tech companies like Facebook, Netflix and Amazon all have in common is that they understand how to get people to do stuff. We check our messages compulsively, watch more videos than we intended and buy things we don't really need. But how does sillicon valley succeed in the manner in which they do? To understand this question I reached out to Dr. Susan Weinschenk, a world-leading expert in the field of behavior psychology. Dr. Weinschenk has authored many popular and insightful books on the subject of psychology and is consulting Fortune 1000 companies with her behavioral expertise. What's the episode about? How to surf motivational waves How to get people to do stuff How companies like Apple use the "crack" Strategy to convert new customers How to get people to do something new Her book “How to get people to do stuff” Her Take on happiness and success

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