122 - Episode 122 - RAD Prodcast - Navigating Toward The Positive & The Joy Mix Tape


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In this week's episode, Brandon opens up about the individual battles we are going through during these times of violence, division and uncertainty. Producer Nick shares a very heartfelt perspective after listening to the show on a cross-country drive. Also, Elon Musk. Is he a freak in the sheets or a dead lay? Prodheads weigh in on what they think his kinks are in a Facebook group survey.

While we are all engulfed in so much negativity these days, Brandon put together a Facebook Group survey asking the Prodheads "What song brings you joy?" With hundreds of responses, Brandon has created the ultimate "feel good" playlist available now on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3kqjXFVE8rzoBMtUN3sMTV?si=nNPWAhN8S9qD0ck98bcsjQ

To close, Brandon reads a story about how Dave Chappelle addressed a racist during one of his live shows that may instill hope in those who don't think people can change their minds and focus on loving each other, rather than hating each other.

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