Voter Fraud, Media Regulation, and Civic Design with Shannon McGregor and Whitney Quesenbery


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What is the role that technology and social media should play in voting practices? What should global citizens know about the impact that technology being used in the US 2020 election voting processes might have on the future of democracy worldwide?

In this episode we interview Shannon McGregor and Whitney Quesenbery.

Shannon McGregor is an Assistant Professor in the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media and a Senior Researcher with UNC’s Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life. Her research addresses the role of social media and their data in political processes, with a focus on political communication, journalism, public opinion, and gender.

Whitney Quesenbery is the executive director of the Center for Civic Design. Whitney is also co-author of two influential Brennan Center reports that show just how much design matters in elections. She was previously chair for Human Factors and Privacy for the Elections Assistance Commission's committee working towards developing voting system guidelines.

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