Aly Mazhar: God's Plan


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In this episode our co-host Yasmine Kenawi speaks to one of Egypt’s biggest fitness coaches and Befit founder, Aly Mazhar. At a young age, Aly found himself immersed in the world of sports with a passion of becoming a football star. Years later, he founded BeFit. It started with him training a small group of friends, and quickly turned into an empire and huge training facility with several locations across Egypt, and has recently opened in Dubai. With Befit growing exponentially, Aly managed to land an ambassadorship with Nike, which has paved the way for more opportunities.
Aly and Yasmine speak about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, placing realistic fitness goals, starting your own fitness career, finding the right work out gear, not relying solely on the scale and finally searching for that inner fire we all call ambition.

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