Arwa Al Banawi: We Are A Kingdom


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In this episode our founder Nour Hassan speaks to Saudi Arabian fashion designer Arwa Al Banawi. Arwa’s brand is a pioneering contemporary Saudi Arabian fashion label, her collection empowers the Arab Women with statement pieces like the ‏حياتها blazer. We speak about growing up in Jeddah, witnessing the changes that took place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past few years and being a part of them, releasing the ‏نحن المملكة or We Are A Kingdom collection, showing her designs at the first ever Riyadh Fashion Week, and representing creatives in the region as a woman who isn’t afraid to break the status quo.
To check out Arwa's brand visit or @arwaalbanawi.
This episode is part of our 12 Day Game-Changers Special.

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