Ismail El Shafei: Game, Set, Match


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In this month’s bonus episode our co-host Yasmine Kenawi speaks to Egyptian tennis legend and star, Ismail El Shafei - who also happens to be her grandfather. Ismail is the only Egyptian who has reached the top twenty in the global ATP rankings. During the 60s, he won Wimbledon Junior, which paved the way to his tennis career. He was famous for beating superstar Bjorn Borg during the quarterfinals at Wimbledon, and touring with some of the biggest tennis players. Years later, he retired his racquet and moved back to Egypt full time where he managed to become the exclusive distributor for Nike and Dunlop.
Ismail and Yasmine talk about the importance of mentorship, touring the world as a tennis star, sacrificing a social life to become a champion, and finally never giving up on your dream. This has been one of the most inspiring conversation Yasmine has hosted on the podcast, and she's excited to share it with you all.

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