Jason Seife: The Magic Carpet


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In this episode our founder Nour Hassan speaks to Syrian Cuban artist Jason Seife. Jason's carpet murals on canvas and concrete are pieces that have gone viral in the digital art realm. They are detail-oriented, meticulously crafted works of art that honor the traditional ancient craft of carpet making. Jason speaks about the road to becoming an artist from the third grade, embracing an amalgamation of cultures, working through the pandemic, growing up in the U.S, studying the art of carpet making, and finally reaching a point where he creates his own complex carpet patterns from scratch. This podcast was recorded in May 2020. Jason Seife's solo show “A Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest” will open this January at Unit London, the dates are to be announced.
To check out Jason's work visit @jasonseife or www.jasonseife.com.
This episode is part of the 12 Day Game-Changers Special.

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